Walter hutchings

1 LT Walter S. Hutchings

  • Branch: Army
  • Hometown/City: , IL
  • Date of Birth: 01-05-1918
  • Date of Death: 05-23-1945
  • Conflict: WWII
  • Unit:
  • Port/Base:

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  • Walter hutchings1

    Walter served as a First Lieutenant, U.S. Army during World War II.

    He resided in Illinois prior to the war and was born in Alderson, West Virginia.

    Walter was a passenger on Flight C-46D (#44-77507) which was taking 41 American soldiers that were ill or injured to hospitals in the Paris, France area and was then eventually going to take them all back to the United States. This flight occurred after Germany's surrender on May 7, 1945.

    However this C-46, for unknown reasons, developed a fire in one of it's two engines and crashed near the village of Taillefontaine, near Paris.

    Walter died in the "Line Of Duty", along with the flights 4 man crew and 40 others when this C-46D crashed.

    Russell S. "Russ" Pickett, Courtesy of Find a Grave
  • Crew who perished on C-46D #44-77507:

    Pond, Rex L ~ 1st Lt, Pilot, Utah
    Weid, Claude H ~ 1st Lt, Co-Pilot, Illinois
    Hill, Herbert H ~ Tech/3, Medical Team, Iowa
    Vermillion, Edward V, Jr ~ Sgt, Medical Team, Virginia

    41 Passengers who perished on C-46D #44-77507:

    Barton, Graham J ~ Maj, Mississippi
    Bordelon, Eugene A ~ Pvt, Louisiana
    Brancati, Vincent J ~ Pvt, New York
    Branstetter, George O ~ Pfc, Oklahoma
    Callihan, Richard ~ Tec/5, Kentucky
    Carpenter, Carl L ~ Tec/5, Georgia
    Carter, Leonard S ~ Pfc, South Carolina
    Cote, Wilfred S ~ T/Sgt, New Hampshire
    D'Amico, Floyd ~ Pfc, New York
    Davis, Homer P ~ Tec/4, Missouri
    Doyon, Joseph O ~ Pfc, Maine
    Eagan, Leonidas E ~ Pfc, Colorado
    Erlich, Maurie ~ Pfc, Missouri
    Farris, William C ~ Pfc, Oklahoma
    Garrity, Jack M ~ Tec/5, California
    Gorrell, Denver, Jr ~ Pvt, Ohio
    Gronkowski, Edward M ~ Pvt, Illinois
    Hutchings, Walter S ~ 1st Lt, Illinois
    Icenhour, Eugene J ~ T/5, Pennsylvania
    Jankowski, Henry E ~ Pfc, New York
    Kittrell, Floyd A ~ Tec/4, Florida
    Maron, Joseph P ~ Tec/5, Ohio
    Martel, Arthur R ~ Corp, Maine
    Martin, James A ~ Pfc, Florida
    McDonald, George S ~ S/Sgt, Kentucky
    McGill, James P ~ Pvt, North Carolina
    McNeal, Robert ~ Pfc, Georgia
    Owens, Woodrow W ~ Pfc, Tennessee
    Perkins, Richard W ~ Corp, New Jersey
    Plante, Amos A ~ Capt, New Jersey
    Quillin, William H ~ 1st Lt
    Ronn, Eric L ~ Pfc
    Runolfson, Loren A ~ Pfc, Washington
    Sanderfur, James M ~ Tec/5, Indiana
    Schary, Jerome ~ Pvt, New York
    Shaw, Charles H ~ Pvt, California
    Sheppard, Marion W ~ Pfc, Virginia
    Smith, Wilson F ~ Corp, California
    Sysock, Peter ~ Pfc, New York
    Thibeault, Emmett A ~ Pfc, Michigan
    Zell, Wayne L ~ Tec/4, Indiana

    Crew, & Passenger list by:, Russell S. "Russ" Pickett