Patrick hamburger

SSG Patrick D. Hamburger

  • Branch: Army
  • Hometown/City: Lincoln, NE
  • Date of Birth:
  • Date of Death: 08-06-2011
  • Conflict: Operation Enduring Freedom
  • Unit: 2nd Battalion, 135th Aviation Regiment (General Support Aviation Battalion)
  • Port/Base: Grand Island, NE

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    Chris Hamburger, Brother
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    Chris Hamburger, Brother
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    Chris Hamburger, Brother
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    Chris Hamburger, Brother
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    Chris Hamburger, Brother
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    Chris Hamburger, Brother
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    Chris Hamburger, Brother
  • Pat,

    Thank you for your service and also for the trust my son and his teammates felt working with you.

    Thank you for your mom, for the wonderful memories you created with her as she walks this difficult road. We GSM's have come together, lean on each other, formed a sisterhood and support each other. She is in good hands, a safe place. We have all had to learn to "filter" those who really care about us, and those that just want to touch the stone.

    I know you will continue to watch over her as Kevin does for me; as only first born sons do for their moms because we have that special bond.


    Jan Anderson, proud GSM of SOC Kevin Houston ST6 ❤️

    Janette Anderson, Friend
  • Pat,

    You are the son I've always wanted. What you said to me the day I married your mother (that you finally felt like you had a Dad) I've always have and always will carry in my heart.

    It saddens me greatly that you were able to know the happiness your Mom and I share for only a few short weeks, but know that we are looking out for Heidi and trying to look out for Payton if we ever get to see her again.

    Even through we only had eight years together as father and son, I will never forget those 8 years.

    We are so sorry that we are unable to stop others from claiming to be your family when they were not. But know that we are also so grateful that you never made decision to marry until you met Heidi, your one true love. We only wish that you would have lived long enough for that to have happened.

    We visit your grave weekly and again are sorry that the words you had chosen for your headstone are not there. Know that your Mother tried her best to honor what you wanted.

    We love and miss you son but we are thankful for the time we had with you.


    Dad and Mom (DeLayne and Joyce)

    DeLayne Peck, Step Father
  • Joyce, Funny comment coming from a person who picked a janitor over her husband and kids back in 1995 and didn't raise any of her three boys. Good luck rewriting your past.

    Chris Hamburger, Brother