• Branch: Army
  • Hometown/City: BATTLE CREEK, MI
  • Date of Birth: 04-20-1980
  • Date of Death: 07-17-2006
  • Conflict: Operation Iraqi Freedom
  • Port/Base: FORT BRAGG, NC

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  • SSG. Michael A. Dickinson II entered the Army under the delayed entry program when he was 17 and had to wait until 18 and Graduation before he could leave....which he did one week after his Graduation. Michael knew he wanted to be a Soldier from the time he was a little fella...sitting by his Granddad with his head on Granddads belly..listening to his War stories and deciding that he wanted to follow in his footsteps. Michael never changed his mind..it was always "The Army". Michael's Father, both Grandfathers, Uncle and Great Granddad all served in the U.S.Army...so he always had alot to be proud of. Michael did excellent in Basic...earning his first promotion there and actually liking the Gas Chamber. When he came home on leave the first time I asked him about the Gas Chamber ( he had sent home a tape of the exercise)...he told me he did well because his two older sisters used to hold him under water when helping with his bath so he learned to hold his breath for quite a while !! They all thought that was so funny once they were all grown...I did not...Michael enjoyed his childhood and had so much fun ..he loved to be outside playing with friends and thought school was a social event. He never really tried to do his best..he just did what he had too...he always said ( even in elementary ).."The Army will teach me what I need to know"..and ...it did...

    Vicki Dickinson, Mother
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    I think of you daily.....I look at your only daughter and see you so very often....a look...a glance...a facial expression....they are you...in her. I am so proud to announce the renaming of Post 257 to the SSG. Michael A. Dickinson II American Legion Post 257....in YOUR Hometown. This is truly an Honor and your Family is very grateful for this awesome recognition. You will be Remembered !!

    Vicki Dickinson, Mother
  • miss you Everyday !! I am so Thankful that you left me a part of you when you made Abby....she is so much like you at times....I look at her and see you in some her expressions and mannerisms. It is a Joy and a Sorrow at the same time....so happy to have her...so unhappy to NOT have you... My main goal in life after you left was to make sure you are Remembered. I have a Memorial Fund in your name at your Hometown Community Foundation which sends at-risk kids to a Summer Camp of their choice. Also you are recently Honored last year by American Legion Post 257 who changed their name to......SSG. Michael A. Dickinson II American Legion Post 257 !!! What an awesome Tribute Son....We are so Grateful and happy for this Honor...You shall NEVER be forgotten.

    Vicki Dickinson, Mother