• Branch: Army
  • Hometown/City: AURORA, CO
  • Date of Birth: 08-14-1979
  • Date of Death: 11-18-2005
  • Conflict: Operation Iraqi Freedom
  • Port/Base: Army National Guard's, Durango, Colo

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  • My brother has always been my hero and more of a father than a brother in my life. He would always tell me to do the right thing and to always do good unto others as others unto me. One of my favorite memories with my brother is the last time i saw him.

    He showed up from Oklahoma just before being shipped out to Iraq on Halloween night 2005, He came to say hi to my mom and see my newborn daughter Marie and his first niece. He picked her up and blew kisses at her and then put her to bed.

    After saying a goodbye kiss and hug to my mom he took me outside and we stood eye to eye on the porch at 1 am in the morning. I was speechless cause it was the first time I seen him wearing desert uniform colors other than the green I normally see him wear.

    He reached out his hand and said " what you gotta do and take care of your daughter". He shook my hand softly for the first time, I told him "I'm proud of you bro, I love you and please be careful". He said "I love you too" back to me and walked away to his truck rental and sped off to see his wife and kids one last time.

    That was the last time I'll ever see him, His was involved in a accident when his bus en route to Kuwait flipped over. It was the darkest day knowing that my hero was gone. Even though he threw banana peels at me when I sleep or when he made me wash his low rider truck in sub zero weather I will always cherish this memories and pass them on to his kids and mine.

    Rogelio Reyes, Sibling